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Everybody must know where was buried his folks!
Written by осередок Товариства   
19 May 2006

Looking on history of Ukraine for the last one hundred years, we run into the terrible facts of extermination of one people other. The 20th century brought on territory of Ukraine two World Wars which left millions of human deaths.

Ukrainian earth is generously poured blood of Ukrainians, who were striven for the freedom. Ukrainian earth is poured blood of other people who came on our territory in interests of their empires.

Millions of human bodies – dying as a result of tortured in clinks and concentration camps, lost during battle actions, they were whipped off in ravines, craters from the explosions of bombs, in pit. They were hastily covered and leveled to the ground.

The question of search, re-burying and celebration in honor of memory of war victims and political repressions was not actual for period of Soviet Union.

Proclaiming independence the Ukrainian state slowly, but gradually becomes on the way of common to all mankind values and Christian moral and, as most World States, undertook the obligation of guardianship above the known and unknown burial-places victims of war and political repressions. In obedience to Law of Ukraine «On the guard of cultural legacy» the place of fights and burial places of war victims behave to sights of history and guarded by the state.

The primary purpose of Society «Memory» is exposure and re-burying victims of military operations during period of the First and Second World Wars, liberation competitions, political repressions, renewal and equipping with modern amenities of memorial (soldieries) cemeteries, scientific research of motion of battle operations and concrete places of fights with a history and education purpose.

Main tasks of organization are:

  • organization and conducting of searching-researches works with the purpose of exposure, authentication and re-burying victims of the First and Second World Wars, Ukrainian - Polish War of 1918-1919, fight of Ukrainian Insurgent of 1940-50th on territory of Western Ukraine.

  • equipping with modern amenities of memorial necropolises and realization of public inspection after their saving.

  • a collaboration with international organizations for authentication of belligerents representatives.

  • arrangement of scientific excavations in the places of fights with the purpose of proceeding in a historical true about motion of battle actions on territory of Western Ukraine.

  • collection of the archived materials, memorial literature, certificates of eyewitnesses about events, which took place during the First, Second World Wars and in the period of Liberation Competitions on the outlined territory.

  • collection and research of military historical sights. A transmission of them of storage in museums and other proper public organs.

  • propaganda of common to all mankind cultural and moral values is among a population and, in particular, young people.

  • national patriotic education of rising generation.

We hope that materials placed on our site will be interesting and useful to you, and will be instrumental in active position for matters of saving of national memory.

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